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Our vision is to build the Body of Christ by encouraging and challenging individuals to fulfill their purpose and destiny in God.
Our Story
"Stimulation without fulfillment leads to frustration."  (Sigi)

Sigi Oblander was born in Berlin Germany as the Nazi “Third Reich” was conquering Europe. Her family survived the atrocities of Nazi Germany but lived fifteen years under the Russian occupation of Berlin. It was during this time that she experienced the oppression of communism and witnessed how many Christian leaders compromised their faith under the pressures of persecution.  Seeing first hand the harmful effects of communism, Sigi vowed that she would not be a slave to any man made system. It was only as she had a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ that she found the source of truth and freedom that she was seeking. 

After that life changing event, Sigi committed her life to serve God in whatever capacity and to go wherever He chose to send her. In the last fifty years, Sigi has travelled in over ninety countries preaching the Word of God with prophetic insight and revelation, often in many oppressed and war torn areas of the world. Her messages inspire and challenge individuals to commit their lives completely to God. She is the author of several Bible Studies including a Daily Devotional Book written to encourage spiritual maturity and growth. .

Married for forty-one years, Sigi and her husband David, also an ordained minister, travel together as a husband and wife team, ministering together as the Lord leads. They have two children, Tammy & Ben who are married and pursuing their careers. For the last seventeen years, Sigi & David have made their home in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and are part of the leadership of a local church, “The Father’s House”. Sigi and David Oblander Ministries is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1986 for the purpose of spreading the gospel throughout the nations and building up the Body of Christ.

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