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By: Christel D. Preik

Full Color
8.5 x 8.5

Growing Up Joyfully is a collection of heartwarming short stories that are meant to inspire and encourage children to grow in confidence, courage, and forgiveness.

Unforeseen circumstances force three children to realize that on their own they cannot get out of particular situations. The children must make the decision to rely and depend on God to see them through. Enjoy the adventure found in these character-building stories.

Christel Preik is an artist who loves to draw and paint God's creation. She lives in Ontario, Canada, and is a wonderful mother of four and a grandmother of ten grandchildren. Most of all, she enjoys sharing the love of Jesus! To check out more of Christel's work, visit her website: 

Christel's book is also available from:
To order Christel's book on Amazon, click here. (Kindle version also available)
Order from Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Growing Up Joyfully

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